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U.S. threatens to pull out of U.N.

NEW YORK-- Washington will pull out United Nations unless Americans are given immunity from prosecution by the world's first permanent war crimes tribunal.
Most countries back the new International Criminal Court (ICC), scheduled to begin its work July 1, but the Bush has pulled U.S. endorsement of the ICC – arguing its citizens may face prosecution. American diplomats have presented the UN Security Council with a draft resolution demanding guaranteed immunity at the ICC. Critics say Washington is trying to set its self above the law in the new International Criminal Court. 'Inexcusable and indefensible' "I think the United States government has really reached a low point in regard to human rights as an aspect of its foreign policy," said Richard Dicker, director of the international justice program at Human Rights Watch. "To be trying to broaden or extend the scope for impunity if people commit these crimes, it's inexcusable and indefensible." UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has called on Washington not to abandon U.N. He said the new court will prosecute suspects only if their own governments fail to take action. But Washington insists on immunity for Americans, and it refused to back down during a debate Friday. Maybe the U.N. should make a clean break from the rogue U.S. fascists and move the U.N. to Canada or the Netherlands or anywhere else. The world should prepare for the inevitable action that will be needed to protect the world from the U.S. fascists.



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