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The Joy of Sects...Call for submission

Calling for submissions to an informational booklet about sectarian groups.
Calling for submissions to "The Joy of Sects," an informational booklet about sectarian groups in the left.

The purpose of this publication is to share experiences with sectarian groups, but to also inform people of various sects, what they stand for, and any front groups or associations they hold.

"The Joy of Sects" will be available for free in the Boston area after publications, and copies will be mailed to those who submit their writing to the publication, provided you send us your address.

Any personal experiences, narratives, or useful information you would like to share is welcome. We ask that submissions be kept to 250 words. If you cannot keep to that length, we may edit your submission for space.

All submissions are subject to editing for grammar, spelling, style, punctuation and/or space.

Submissions will remain anonymous upon request.

Email all submissions to thejoyofsects (at) by Sunday, July 7, 2002. No attachments please.

Thank you.



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