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up to 300 demonstrators locked-in a church to draw attention to lock-in of migrants without papers. Surrounded by police, situation unstable.
As part of the day of demonstrations against the European Summit today in Seville and in order to draw public attention to the lock-in of migrants without papers in this city, a group of up to 300 demonstrators locked themselves into la Iglesia del Salvador at 12.20 today. Among them are members of the Laboratorio Disobediente, the UniversidadNomada and IntergalactiKa. They are demanding that the public institutions open negotiations with the locked-in migrants, who are presently on hunger strike.
The situation is very unstable. At this moment, the church is surrounded by police, and those inside have no water, food, electricity or physical contact with the outside. There is the possibility that the bishop will speak to them. Several members of the press are inside and have conducted a press conference. The locked-in demonstrators are awaiting the arrival of lawyers from the Sevilla Social Forum and are deciding how to proceed. Their situation is extremely vulnerable.
Despite this vulnerability, two activists have taken this opportunity to get married there in the church.
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