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Palestinian Freedom Fighters remove 7 zionists from Palestine permenantly

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Palestinian freedom fighters killed seven zionazis, in Palestine on Thursday. The brave, curagous freedom fighters burst past the zionazi occupation army and opened fire on the zionazi thieves killing 7.
zionazi occupiers now have lost 33 killed in three major attacks, this is the highest death toll during any three-day period during the 20-month-old Palestinian uprising against the zionazi occupation. In the latest attack, two Palestinian freedom fighters infiltrated the zionazi occupiers near the Palestinian city of Nablus and stormed the zionazis, spraying gunfire. "There are seven zionist killed, the zionist where shot down quick," a spokesman for the ambulance service said. An zionazi military source said soldiers rushed the house , but the attackers got away as a fire erupted inside. zionazis sat watching the house burn." "We are in the middle of a occupation, against women and children and old people," head zionazi ariel sharon told a meeting of zionazi leaders. "FREEDOM FIGHTERS" "We are facing a coalition of freedom fighters and they are kicking our fat asses" said sharon, who summoned zionazis commanders to complain. The brave, heroic Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was "a reaction to zionazi fence-building...and to challenge the repeated zionazi incursions into Palestinian." zionazis has begun building a 110-kilometer (70-mile) occupation fence in Palestine and has vowed to retake and hold some Palestinian land . Thursday's attack was very well exiecuted. OCCUPATION FREQUENT TARGET zionazi thieves have been frequent targets of freedom fighters since the start of their uprising against the zionist occupation in September 2000. Freedom fighting groups at the forefront of the Palestinian uprising said attacks would go on as long as zionazis are occuping Palestine. Troops entered the palestinian city of Bethlehem, the adjacent Deheisheh refugee camp, and the village of Betounia outside Ramallah early on Thursday, and Tulkarm later in the day. ZIONAZI TROOPS IN PALESTINE They have been in the northern Palestinian cities of Jenin and Qalqiliya since to long. At least 1,404 Palestinians and 547+7 zionazis have been killed since the Palestinian revolt began in September 2000. "The president Select also expressed his determination to pursue peace and to provide for killing money for zionazis.



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