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Chicago Overhauling its Zoning Laws

Chicago has set up a commission to rewrite all ordinances dealing with zoning. Action would be appropraite.
Mayor Daley has appointed a commission to completely rework and redesign the city ordinances concerning city planning. The commission (made up of aldermen, city officials, corporate representatives, and academics) has already started to hold public meetings to air its 65-page progress report. The current zoning laws have been in place since 1957, and thus far, there has been little talk about diversity, affordable housing, neighborhood intergration and cooperation, or more public spaces (to name a few). All voices need to be brought to the table to make this city livable for all people. Oragnization, connections with neighborhoods, and committed effort are all desperately needed to make sure Chicago becomes the kind of city we need. See the city website included for more info. Come out to meetings. Start shouting. Contact here and let's start moving.
All meetings 6:30-8pm
6/24 Truman College -- Novar hall, 1145 W Wilson
7/8 Garfield Park Conservatory -- Jensen Room, 300 N Central Park
7/9 Plumber's Union Hall -- Lower Hall, 1340 W Washington
7/16 Copernicus Center, 5216 W Lawrence
7/17 St Xavier University -- Boardroom, 3700 West 103rd
7/22 South Shore Cultural Center -- Solarium, 7059 South Shore Dr
7/23 Harold Washington Library -- Multipurpose room
7/25 Walter Payton High -- Recital Hall, 1034 N Wells
7/6 Humboldt park Field House, 1400 N Sacramento
7/14 Comiskey Park Conference and Learning Center, 333 W 35th
All meetings 6:30-8pm!



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