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Friday, June 21: Free Ahmed Bensouda! Demo at Chicago INS Headquarters

Join us for a protest and press conference
When: Friday, June 21, 12 noon
Where: Chicago INS Headquarters, 10 West Jackson Street
Urbana-Champaign Palestine solidarity activist Ahmed Bensouda, arrested by the FBI and handed over to the INS on a visa violation, will have a hearing this Friday, June 21 at 1 PM at the INS headquarters, located at 10 W. Jackson St. in downtown Chicago.

After 14 days of detainment, Bensouda first appeared in front of an INS judge Wednesday, June 12. His case was classified a "Special Case." At the INS's request, the hearing was held "in camera," meaning observers were kicked out of the courtroom, and the proceedings would NOT be recorded. The state asked for a continuance, presumeably to gather "secret evidence" to deny Bensouda bond.

Clearly, the state has taken special interest in Bensouda's case. As an Arab-African progressive involved in Palestinian solidarity work, anti-fascist and student organizing, and as an Arab anarchist activist, the state has given us reason to beleive that Bensouda has been targeted on the basis of his political involvement.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Join us this Friday at noon in
front of the Immigration courts at 10 W Jackson St.

There will also be a press conference at 12:30 PM. If you are interested in attending his hearing, please consider arriving early and proceeding to the basement of the building where his hearing will take place.

for more information, check out Ahmed's defense committee website
and Urbana-Champaign IMC.




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