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A Second Suicide Bomber Hits Jerusalem, Killing at Least 6

A Second Suicide Bomber Hits Jerusalem, Killing at Least 6
JERUSALEM -- A suicide bomber sprang from a car and detonated explosives at a bus stop in northern Jerusalem on Wednesday evening, killing at least six people and injuring about 35, according to police and rescue workers.

It was the second lethal bombing in Jerusalem in as many days. A Palestinian suicide bomber killed 19 people on a bus in southern Jerusalem on Tuesday morning, the deadliest bombing in the city in six years.

In Wednesday's blast, the bomber emerged from a red Audi car, dashed past two policemen and set off the explosive at the bus stop near a busy intersection, according to police.

"The police chased him to try to stop him, and when he got to the (bus stop), he blew up a large device," said Jerusalem police chief Mickey Levy. One of the policemen chasing him was badly hurt, Levy added.

The car sped away, disappearing into Palestinian neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, police said.

The explosion in the French Hill neighborhood blew out the back and the sides of the bus stop shelter, leaving just a concrete bench and the roof. An arm and a leg were among the body parts scattered on the street, which was covered with blood and shards of glass. A baby carriage was overturned, and rescue workers covered it with a black plastic bag.

At least six people were killed, said Avi Zohar, a spokesman for Israel's rescue services. Several of the wounded were in critical condition, rescue workers said.

"We will of course take whatever action necessary in order to continue to protect the citizens of Israel," said Israeli government spokesman Arieh Mekel. "We hold the Palestinian Authority and its leader, Yasser Arafat, responsible for all this."

Israel says Arafat is responsible because his security forces have not prevented the attacks.

After Tuesday's bombing, Israel said it would reoccupy parts of Palestinian territory in response to bombings.

The blast occurred in a part of the city that Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war, and which Palestinians claim for a future state.

Israel's security forces have maintained an extremely heavy presence in Jerusalem, which has suffered more suicide bombings than any other city. After a spate of bombings in March and April, the city had gone more than two months without a suicide attack before the Tuesday morning blast.

Palestinian suicide bombers have carried out 71 attacks against Israel in nearly 21 months of Mideast violence, killing more than 220 people.



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