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New anti-authoritarian anti-war network

New email list for anti-authoritarians against war
Anti-authoritarians against war
aa-antiwar (at)

A list for the international network of anti-authoritarians opposed to
war. We are anti-capitalist, anti-hierarchy, and practice diversity of

I've taken the initiative to set up a new email list for
anti-authoritarians who'd like to organize a decentralized, international
network of resistance against war. With the United States adopting a
policy of "strike first, ask questions later," it's imperative that we
organize an effective network of opposition to war, imperialism, and the
war machine. It's time that we organize differently--no more symbolic
protests in Washington. We also need a network that respects the
grassroots and doesn't use them to build some big party.

This is an unmoderated list right now and you have to be an
anti-authoritarian and respect diversity of tactics to join. Future list
guidelines will be determined by the participants.

- Chuck0

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