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Milwaukee IMC Down Since Saturday Morning; back soon

yuck, what stress.


MKEindymedia is down for another couple days at least.

Essentially, here's the deal.
The place hosting the people who host us went down for
a couple hours Friday and then down for the count Saturday

We tried without success to get ahold of people from then
until early this morning, where I (marco) received the following

hey marco -

sorry our communication's in disarray - we got a new server since the old
one's been dying a dramatic, complicated death and the graphics card is
messed up on the new one. We're in the process of fixing it - our tech
person is over-burdened at the moment but it should be up soon, can't say
when but friday at the very, very latest.

If you hadn't bookmarked our current calendar you should still
be able to get to it at:

here's a few things coming up:

mke imc meeting
23jun sunday 2pm r evolution books

24 jun anti-rotc protest -

25 jun (tuesday) amnesty -

29 (sat) taco bell protest -

Until mkeimc goes up:

I recommend you go ahead and feel welcomed at:

If anyone has other good ideas on places to "meet" and
"participate," please add them here in comments.

Or any other feedback for that matter. Please speak up.

tech person

ps: this couldn't have happened at a worse time. There
we were in Madison shouting down the C0rp0rate M0nst3r
and down goes St Louis, down goes Milwaukee.




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