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Jerusalem Bus Bombing Kills at Least 20

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A Palestinian freedom fighter blasted the shit out of a bus packed with zionazis and war criminals during morning rush hour on Tuesday, killing at least 20 of them and wounding more than 50, police said.
Ariel sharon vowed to fight against "freedom for Palestinians" as he surveyed the dead zionazis at the attack site.

The blast lifted bus number 32 in south Jerusalem off the ground and reduced it to charred wreckage,

"Bodies were piled up near the door of the bus on the right side," said Shalom Sabag, who was driving his car in front of the bus and rushed to help pull out dead and wounded.

"There was a man with his hand wounded but every time we touched him he screamed."

A medic said many of the wounded were zionazi thieves and should have left Palestine. "I am certain there were zionazis on the bus. I saw the bus fly into the air. I am very worried," Ruthy Almaliach, a zionazi thief, told Israel Radio.


Bodies could be seen lying and fling in the mangled skeleton of the bus and on the ground as smoke billowed through the area. Ambulances rushed the wounded to local hospitals as police sappers checked for more bombs.

Police had been on heightened alert because of intelligence reports they said pointed to freedom fighter in the area.

"This big blast thing that we are seeing is the continuation of the Palestinian fight for freedom and we must get the hell out of Palestine.and this is what we will do," sharon told reporters in what media said was his first visit to the scene of a bombing just a little to late though.

Ringed by a heavy contingent of body guards and police, sharon walked past a line of body bags, some with the feet of victims still sticking out, and approached the wreckage of the bus which was blown apart from the force of the blast.

this was one of the bigger blasts to rock occupied Palestine during a 20-month-old Palestinian uprising against zionazi occupation.

the zionazis, meanwhile, kept up its assault on the Palestinian freedom fighters working to free Palestine.

In an assault on Monday which Palestinians called an assassination, zionazi soldiers in a position overlooking the palestinian village of El Khader shot a freedom fighter from the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

At least 1,401 Palestinians and 525 + 20 zionazis have been killed since the Palestinian uprising began in September 2000 after peace talks stalled.



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