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30 PROTESTS nationwide against forest fees

privatizing more than 50 million acres of public land
From every indication, Saturday's National Day of Action was everything we had hoped it would be. Folks in 30 locations from Coast to Coast turned out in every kind of weather, from pouring rain in Vermont to scalding sun in Arizona, to demonstration their shared resolve to END FOREST FEES. As one of the organizers of this event, I'd like to offer the warmest possible "THANKS" to everyone who made this day of action possible. CLEARLY the people of this country vigorously oppose fee-demo and the associated Corporate Takeover of Nature and the Disneyfication of the Wild. CLEARLY opposition to the American Recreation Coalition's Agenda is growing -- as the implications of Recreation User Fees become more broadly understood -- owing to the efforts of so many of you! CLEARLY the US Forest Service and the Commercial Proponents of 'Pay-to-Play Recreation' are on the defensive as they beg, cajole and coerce Congress to make these unpopular fees permanent. And, having said all of this, I must add that the long-term objectives of stopping the Industrial Strength Recreation Agenda and preventing permanent passage of Recreation User Fees -- are now yet accomplished. This summer will be a period of intense activity on the recreation-fee / Industrial-recreation issue. Three bills have ALREADY been introduced in Congress to permanently authorize recreation fees. Additional legislation to designed to facilitate public/private partnerships will, almost certainly, be introduced in the coming weeks. To whom will Congress listen? That is the $64,000 question! If Congress listens to the special interests for whom recreation user fees were created, then fees will become the permanent law. If this happens, the land and the way in which it is managed will grow to resemble Disneyland. If Congress listens to the American People, public lands can remain Wild and Free in the 21st Century and the long-held tradition of free access to wild nature can be preserved. EVERYTHING depends upon the Congress hearing, and obeying, the Will of the American People. So while I offer my sincerest THANKS TO EVERYONE, it's important for everyone to appreciate that the battle is not yet won. The momentum is CLEARLY with us. Let's keep pushing until we win. BOYCOTT DISNEY, REI , WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE



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