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Police Intelligence and CIMC Reporter Arrested without Bond

CIMC reporter has been arrested without bond at madison mayor's conference protest. (article 6)
CIMC reporter, Chris Kaihatsu, has been arrested on disorderly conduct charges. Madison news, channel 15, an NBC affiliate, has footage of Chris taking notes being confronted by police. He taking notes of an arrest in progress when he was picked up off the curb. Several witnesses have heard a police officer yell, "arrest him too."

Fellow IMC reporters including me, have made an effort to post bond for Chris and discovered he is not being released on bond because of an outstanding felony warrant from Philadelphia.

of the 7 people arrested, chris was second, the first was an octopus. At last report, most have been released on bond, several interviewed on the Madison IMC web broadcast.

uniformed police swarmed the protest. escorts were waiting at every corner of the march to direct and video tape protesters. approximately a dozen were walking along with the march (not including the justice department and undercover cops also videotaping ).

the beginning of the protest went along without any police conflict and continued after its scheduled stop toward memorial union. at memorial union, protesters faced a flimsy wood fence that happened to fall down several times.

i was at MIMC headquarters when IMC reporter Kristian Knutsen called, frantically desciribing arrests. Just at that moment, our network died.

according to one chicago protester, a police officer openly recognised him, saying "hi rocky, how was the bike ride over?" police intelligence can only be inferred here.



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