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Activist Threatened By Chicago Police

Police stopped, searched, and threatened an activist with the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade on Thursday afternoon.
Thursday afternoon, June 6, Tobe, a member of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade, was stopped while driving by undercover Chicago police officers.

They forced her out of her vehicle and searched it without her consent, telling her that they had taken 15 cars that day, and they weren't going home until they got 20.

They removed political literature from her vehicle and questioned her about her feelings about the police, whether she were Muslim. and who she lived with.

They told her they had been watching her vehicle, that she would wind up next to young men pictured on the flyer being held against a building in Cabrini-Green by the police.

They searched her vehicle under the guise of looking for drugs, and when they didn't find any, one of the cops told another that he had 'some seeds' (presumably potentially for planting).

When they let her go, they told her that they would get her next time, and one said that she was lucky he didn't work in the area.

Tobe was also arrested- for 'trespassing' on a sidewalk- less than two weeks ago after documenting how the police had young men in Cabrini lined up on their knees, facing a fence, during a Memorial Day 'sweep' (it's common practice among the police to lock people up during holiday weekends).



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