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UPDATE 06/02/02

I have added 2 new slideshows & screensavers
UPDATE 06/02/02

I have added 2 new slideshows & screensavers

* Chicago Town Hall Meeting 05/30/02: Enron
SlideShow & ScreenSaver.
Featuring John Sweeney, Rev. Jesse Jackson,
Margaret Blackshere, Dennis Gannon, Enron Workers,
& More.
An excellent event and hopefully the beginning
of many more.

* USWA/Gates Rubber 06/01/02 Rally & Picket
SlideShow, ScreenSaver, & Video Clips.
Featuring Jim Robinson, Lane Evans & More.
A classic tale of a profitable American business
in Galesburg, IL who who simply like to increase
those profits by packing up and going to Mexico,
like NAFTA style, leaving over 100 USWA workers
in the cold while destroying over 10% of this
small town's job base at the same time.


The size of the slideshows have been greatly
increase in size, and the resolution of both
the slideshows and screensavers have been increased.


This week's featured sites on
78,000+ e-mail account signatures at

are USWA, in the top frame,
and in the bottom
banner frame.

Be sure to tell your friends and have a great day !

In Solidarity,

LaborGroups, Defenders of the Faith
Chicago Jobs With Justice



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