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Divest from Israel organizing meeting

Divestment organizing meeting
June Meeting of the Chicago Palestine Solidarity Network
When: June 4th 7pm
Where: Ronnie’s Steak House, basement located on the corner of Wabash and Van Buren in the Loop. Accessible by the Adams/Wabash el stop

The Chicago Palestine Solidarity Network was established in the aftermath of the April 20th demonstrations in Washington, D.C., in which tens of thousands came out to support the Palestinian struggle against Israeli apartheid and terrorism, in their fight for freedom and self-determination.

Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian civilian population would not be possible without the consent of the US government, which provides Israel with billions of dollars of weapons and military aid each year. Moreover, Israel receives billions more through direct investment from American corporations.

Across the country, activists are organizing divestment campaigns against
universities, city governments, the federal government and private
corporations that fund the Israeli apartheid state. In the 1980s, the
divestment campaign organized to end American financial support of the
racist South African regime brought international attention and pressure
upon that country's rulers and their collaborators here.

The aim of the Chicago Palestine Solidarity Network is to help in whatever way we can to build both solidarity and the divestment campaign here in Chicago. We meet monthly to discuss actions for the month and welcome any participation from those interested in building a divestment campaign against Israel. Please come to our organizing meeting this coming Tuesday June 4th.

for more info, please call: 773.317.0027



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