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RESIST THE MAYORS!! MidWest Convergence

This is a call to action to protest the US Conference of Mayors and their Corporate sponsors, arriving for their annual meeting in Madison in mid-June. Daley will be there, along with his buddies (hint, hint).
This a midwestern regional (and beyond) call to action.
For more info see and
RESIST the US Conference of Mayors!

We must stop business as usual!

contact us: resist_the_mayors (at) and info (at)

What: We are planning a mass demonstration and a number of direct actions
that will wake people up to the issues important in our communities. And
what better place than the Midwest? This is a regional and national CALL TO
ACTION! for folks all throughout the Midwest and beyond to join in this
opportunity to confront the powerful elite.

Traveling to the G8 or can't get across the border? Stop on through Madison
to join the fun!

Going to the North American Anarchist Gathering in Kansas? Pay us a visit
on your way home!

WHY: We see the US Conference of Mayors as an extension of the global
resistance against neo-liberalism (i.e.. global corporate culture) and
war-mongering that has exploded over the past few years. The fight here is
just as important as the fight against the WTO, IMF/World Bank, WEF, etc.
The same corporate powers that push globalization are fighting for access
to our local governments to push their agendas at home and abroad, and the
US Conference of Mayors is the perfect place to do it. As we further our
bloodlust (oil lust) around the world it is time to connect this war to our
communities and it's leaders. Because, as Che said, we are in the belly of
the beast.

We see this as a struggle against the oppressive internal forces of the US
that seek to brutalize and subjugate people, communities and the
environment. For too long, the people of the US have stood by and let this
beast run rampant. We must radicalize our movements and start to fight
corporate control of our lives locally in Madison, in Wisconsin, in the
Midwest and in the US as a whole.

WHEN: June 13 to 18, 2002

WHERE: Beautiful Madison, WI



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