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No to Bush! 172 Signatures and growing

Over 170 people have now signed the on-line petition to Bush in the past week and a half!  Let's continue to spread the word about it.  Tell people to sign the petition now:
"We, the undersigned area residents, ask President George W. Bush not to attend the upcoming U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in our community.

Due to federal and state cuts in aid to cities and counties, to cuts in taxes on the rich and on corporations, and to the revenue limits placed on local government by the state government, Madison and Dane County are currently unable to afford the costs associated with your presence here. Estimates in local costs associated with the Mayors conference have approached $700,000. We would prefer to spend the money on more important things, such as our schools, public transportation, social programs, community centers, parks, and affordable housing.

Mr. Bush, you came in third place in downtown Madison, where the mayors meeting will take place. We suggest you save your time and our limited money by spending June elsewhere."

When residents sign the petition,they are asked to provide an email address, and this email address will be used to verify their signature. Cities for People! will not sell the email address or use it for commercial purposes, and there is a check box if individuals do not want to receive any email at all.

Members of the public may sign the petition at the website or may go directly to



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