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ANTI-NATO DAY in date 28 May about the meeting of 19 boss of govern of members of North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the air base of Pratica di Mare nearly of Rome (Italy), in order to make the entrance of the Russia in the NATO.
15000 policemen like the G8 of Genova and a lot of military weapon ready for the fight in Italy style, we need to manifest everywhere and whit anything in order to make sabotage of politics of war.

Yes because we can't stay in silence, we think that this is fuck membership because this is a globalization of death and of extermination, good only for the weapon business, new colonialism and in order to expand the power of multinational corporations. We need to manifest the dissent a this historical alliance of new word order, after the cold war the American Emperor take the culture, the right and the life of the globe, because it need a new border of war, a new investment.

We call you to do anything in your country, in your city and in your home in order to share the dissent to the Terrorist North Organization and to speak about the true informations of occidental interest in relations to the new wars and the new membership of ex soviet countries. You should to make symbolic actions against the NATO, the new wars and the military politics.

Actions in ANTI-NATO day:

- Rome 28 MAY, open meeting against the NATO and BUSH in the center of the city. Meeting point Piazza s.Marco to 17:00.

- NETSTRIKE, the collective NO NATO NOW 2002 had organize a net protest, because in any NATO country or no, the peoples can manifest against the NATO now. More informations and the tool in order to take part in the netstrike on official site:

- Other ideas of actions on the open forum in this address:
info (at)



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