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New issue of the International Socialist Review out now!
New Issue of the
International Socialist Review out now!
ISR 23: May-June 2002— Justice for Palestine

With reports on:

How much can Bush get away with? — A step forward for the antiwar movement — Beating back Le Pen — Venezuela: Coup and Countercoup by Bridget Broderick, plus interview with James Petras — Greece: Social Democracy near collapse by Antonis Davanellos
— U.S. escalates Colombia's dirty war by Tristan Adie

Feature articles on:
Jenin: Eyewitness report by Jeff Guntzel — The war against the Palestinians by Tikva Honig-Parnass — Israeli policy and Washington's complicity with Rania Masri, Tayseer Arouri, Toufic Haddad, Ghassan Andoni, Huwaidi Arraf, Chris Toensing — Lies, damned lies, and Israeli propaganda by Anthony Arnove and Paul D'Amato — Students for justice in Palestine by Snehal Shingavi — Language, media manipulation, and the "war on terror" by Normon Solomon — Taking on the fascist menace in France, Sherry Wolf's eyewitness report, and interviews with Hassan Berber and Danielle Sallandre — Class and poverty in the maquila zone by Avery Wear — A new colonial "age of empire"? by Lance Selfa — On the road with Karl Marx: Brian Jones tells of his experiences performing "Marx in Soho" — Zionism and Anti-Semitism by N. Israeli — Special reprint: The class character of Israel by Moshe Machover and Akiva Orr

Book Reviews On:

The real story of class in the U.S.; Roots of Bush's war; Voices in the antiwar movement; Cracking the lies of empire; Formation of the South Korean working class; Making Mexicans illegal; Still the Commander-in-Thief; Palestine--When "peace" means war



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