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Rolling Thunder Tour mtg Thurs 7pm

Local volunteer and planning meeting is Thursday May 23rd at 7pm at UNITE
The local planning meeting for Rolling Thunder Tour is tonight, Thursday May 23rd at 7pm at UNITE headquarters at 333 S Ashland. Come get involved and help out! We'll also be meeting the next two Thursdays.

The Rolling Thunder event in Chicago is Saturday June 15th at Union Park.

The Rolling Thunder Down-Home Democracy Festival (RTD2), featuring heroes of word, deed and music such as Erykah Badu, Jesse Jackson Jr., Jim Hightower, Patch Adams, spoken word performance impresarios Kuumba Lynx, the soon-to-be-famous Union of Industrial Textile Employees (UNITE) gospel choir and many many others, is coming to Chicago to raise the rafters and some hell and we think you should join us.

The day-long festival will not only showcase the considerable talents noted above, but will have hard-hitting workshops on issues ranging from genetically modified food to youth decriminalization along with hands-on trainings about how to mobilize a grassroots campaign, how to access and use the media and many other power-building activities.



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