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Aaaron Patterson's case gets a slight twist this week. Lengthening the process but ensuring at tleast a bit more of an unbiased approach to his herarings.
In court on the 20th, the Peoples Law Office filed a petition indicating Attorney Dorch's application for judgeship and perhaps why he proclaimed his effectiveness in counseling during the original trail. Dorch was Aaron Patterson's Defense Attorney during the trial in which Patterson was convicted of a double murder. His conviction was based on an unsigned 'confession' coerced by the infamous Jon Burge, who had been subsequently fired for systematic torture by the Chicago Police.

Also, the Peoples Law Office joined in with Dick Devine and prosecutors in that they, prosecutors, may be in conflict handling Aaron's case and other cases of torture in hearings with the assignment of a special prosecutor now.
So the next appearance with is Judge Toomin is June 25, 2002. Devine, while in Private practice, defended the afformentioned Burge. He worked for the Law Firm that billed more than 850,000 for the defense.

A long process in view for Aaron.



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