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So I looked at NYT and I looked at Fox...and the news is...indeterminate rumors...still a yellow allert.
May 18, 2001, 3:30 PM – I have just been advised by FOX News Producer Jack De Marco that my scheduled live appearance on FOX News with Geraldo Rivera has been cancelled. The reason given was that the New York Times is just now breaking news about newly intercepted Al Q’aeda communications which indicate that another major attack is imminent.

Wag the dog?

This cannot be hidden for long. The fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence warned the Bush Administration last summer that 25 suicide hijackers were going to hijack commercial aircraft and attack major U.S. targets gives the complete lie to statements by Ari Fleischer, Condoleezza Rice and the President himself. Please do everything you can to get this information into the mainstream news and in a place where the administration is forced to respond to it.

This is a time of great danger for all of us. This administration is backed into corners wherever it turns and – given what it has already permitted – we can have no doubts that it will willingly and easily let more Americans be killed to remain in power.

Mike Ruppert
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I have just gone through your coverage of terrorist "breaking news" and find only OBen Ladden and Al Queida mentioned. Reuters and AP both have a longer list of curren suspects. I'm wondering why you don't. Do you think more than one name confuses your audience? Do you have an agenda of your own or of others concerning OBL? Are you keeping other terrorists in the wings to pull out in future "gee look what else" coverage when raitings fall off?

I was looking because I recieved mail from Mike Reupert that you bumped a Fox Live with him and Geraldo Rivera over new terrorists threats being revealed. I see Rivera is not a regular contributor as listed in the "FOXLIVE" promo material, so perhaps this was a big story and a special host... yet you drop it for a story about which Cheeny's own words are "no specific information is available."- if I can trust the copy at NYT.

rivited,bothered, and amused
Walt, Seattle Indy Media Center
Filed at 9:05 a.m. ET
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Vice President Dick Cheney says it is difficult for the United States to respond to the latest intelligence hints that al-Qaida may be planning another attack because no specific information is available.
This just in- no news...details at 11



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