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Sat. May 18: Urgent Fundraiser for Palestinians Wounded in the West Bank

Urgent Fundraiser for Palestinians Wounded in the West Bank!

Dear Friends,

The recent Israeli army attacks on Palestinian villages, cities, and refugee camps have left many Palestinians in dire need of medical care. Thousands of Palestinians have been wounded as they defend against Israeli raids of their homes and of holy sites in towns such as Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, and Tulkarem — so many more
wounded than the existing clinics possess the resources to handle.

The economic and medical situation in the Palestinian areas is so desperate that the paid medical staff of these clinics—doctors, nurses, paramedics, and administrators—have worked the last seven months without pay so that ALL OF THE CLINICS' RESOURCES are used for the care of the sick and wounded.

These clinics, part of the Union of Health Care Committees, were formed by popular Palestinian committees and women's groups in the mid-1980s; their formation was a response to the lack of affordable health clinics under the Israeli military administration of the territories. For over 20 years, Palestine Aid Society has been working with these clinics to provide necessary funds and supplies to allow these clinics to continue offering low-cost and free medical care for the Palestinian population living under Israeli occupation.

Given the urgent need for medical supplies, Palestine Aid Society of Chicago will hold an emergency fundraising dinner for Palestinian Health Care on Saturday May 18th, at the Ramallah Club, 2700 N. Central in Chicago.

Tickets are only $50 ($25 for students) per person and the proceeds will go directly to the bank account of the Union of Health Care Committees in the West Bank. A delicious meal will be provided courtesy of Reza's Restaurant.

We urge all concerned with the desperate humanitarian circumstances in the West Bank to attend the dinner. For tickets or more information about the event, please contact me at 708-870-2458, or send an email to CAISEDIAB (at) PRODIGY.NET.


Caise Diab (on behalf of the Palestine Aid Society)



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