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r u dedicated to truth?

the reality of honour
as we speak there are Buddhas popping up everywhere, in every city, in every state--- there are those whose innocence cannot be tainted and these people are accepting the responsibility of being mature/being practical towards the common good.

this is how the world is changing

the industries based in corruption will fall because people are becoming of a mind where they would rather be dead than depend on immature ideals- I'm betting that homelessness will reach %80

no more meat industry
no more fashion industry
no more professional sports
no more Hollywood
no more military
no more guns--- and none of this because it is restricted, but because we simply have no use for them

we will simply not acknowledge the authority of a corrupt government--- we are reflections of God; loving unto death because we know that there are no enemies, only children that don't know better; that the root of ignorance is naivity

autonomous communities
public eateries
public sleephouses
universal travel
no more identification cards

we are working towards a world of trust
when faced with the big sadness remember that happiness is bigger
when faced with the fear remember the big calm

you do not have the right to survive at all costs / there is no survival without prioritizing truth first

it is dedication to truth that saves the day
it is through dedication to truth that one becomes divine

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