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Rogue State Lies About Cuba

Below are excerpts of remarks of Fidel Castro on recent charges by Undersecretary of State John Bolton charging that Cuba is preparing biological weapons for export to "rogue states." Can this mean that Cuba will soon be exporting biological weapons to the United States? Has the Miami Mafia been consulted about this resumption of trade with Fidel? What does the Senator from Little Havana, Bob Graham, think about this?

Here are Casto's comments:

On May 7, when a journalist asked White House spokesman Ari Fleischer: “Is
there any proof of this, or is this an assumption of the United States?”
Fleischer replied: “No, it's not an assumption. I assure you that Secretary
Bolton would not have said it if he did not have good cause, reason and fact
to say it. That was based on sound analysis, and on information that is
studied and available to the United States government.”

This is a typical reply by someone who is launching an absolutely baseless
and groundless accusation. The only thing studied carefully is lies and
deceit. It is certainly a very sad role this spokesman has. Furthermore, why
should we believe Mr. Bolton?

Anyone who remembers the fifteen incredible pretexts, known today through
declassified official documents, that were elaborated at the end of 1961 by
the high US authorities to undertake a direct military attack against Cuba in
1962, would not be surprised by such a sinister lie. We demand proof. Let
them produce even the tiniest piece of evidence! They do not have any, and
they cannot have them because they simply do not exist. They should not be
hiding behind the alleged sensitivity of their sources, when there is
actually not an atom of truth in what they are saying. This very old trick
and overly stupid argument only serve to demonstrate their little
consideration for, and low concept of, the American people whose intelligence
deserve more respect.

Those who in the United States are accusing our country of terrorism, or of
supporting or sponsoring terrorism, cannot say that about Cuba. Thousands of
our compatriots have died and tens of thousands of acts of sabotage have been
recorded as part of terrorist actions and US aggression against Cuba. Can
their spokesmen deny these facts? I am not referring to the American people;
I am referring to their government. The overriding question of the powers
given to U.S. government officials to effectuate out of court executions and
to kill people anywhere in the world has not even been clarified. I have
personally often been the target of these sinister plans. That was how they
operated in the past. Have they or haven’t they gone back to such disgusting
methods? Why doesn’t Mr. Bolton tell us a little bit about that subject?



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