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Do Arabs want destruction of Israel?

Was Powell really sent of a foolÕs errand and was Joe LiebermanÕs behavior treacherous? Answers are in a Letter to the Editor by Guy Blais, published 5/10/02

Reader says editorial was biased and full of hate

A biased, pro-Israeli editorial with inaccurate facts (from the New Haven Register) was reprinted in the April 22, Windsor Journal. It seems this was written with hatred of Palestinians and indeed of all Arabs.

The title of the editorial ÒPowell sent on a foolÕsÕs errand; visit clouded BushÕs stand on terrorismÓ is an insult to all who think that a rational resolution to this war needs outside help--years of conflict makes this obvious. The writer avoids the most shameful happening during the Powell mission. That was the invitation by Senator Lieberman to former Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to address the Senate, and to uncercut the Powell mission with right-wing, anti-Arab warmongering.

This editorial says ÒArafat embraces bombings, previously conducted by Hamas during the 18 months intifada, because of their widespread support. He did not want to lose political advantage to Hamas, whose leaders want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. ArafatÕs actions as well as the support of Arab nations from Saudi Arabia to Syria suggest they share the same goal.Ó

That is false. While there are many Arabs who would like to see Israel destroyed, it should be noted that right-wing, Israeli Jews are advocating the policy of Òtranfers.Ó This would involves the removal of Palestinians from their homes to make place for Jews--similar to the Nazi policy that removed Jews from their homes in Germany so they could be given to Nazis. Based on all polls, the percent of Israeli Jews who support transfer politics is higher than the percent of Palestinians and American Arabs who think that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth.

Importantly, that editorial ignores the recent Saudi land for peace proposal, praised by President Bush, and its subsequent approval by Arab nations in Beirut a month ago. This Arab peace proposal advocates the full recognition of Israel by Arab countries in exchange for the return of territories taken in the 1967 war, and the creation of a Palestinian state. Unfortunately, Ariel Sharon knows he has the military power to take all Palestinians lands a dozen bulldozed homes at a time and with the continued building of his illegal, militant settlements he has no incentive for peace.

During the past 19 months of the current intifada, 1550 Palestinians and 450 Israelis have been killed by terrorism with the majority killed on both sides being innocent civilians. ItÕs racism to suggest that all killings of Israelis is terrorism, and that no killings of Palestinians is terrorism. I have heard Arafat condemn the killings of innocent Israelis, but have yet to heard Sharon condemn the killing of any innocent Palestinian.

The International Red Cross, Amnesty International and other human rights groups have condemned the Israeli disregard of the Geneva Convention and international law in its brutal attack on the Jenin refugee camp, where a massacre is alleged to have occurred. A full week after the fighting was completed medical teams and human rights groups were still denied free access to Jenin. This, and the Sharon roadblocks to the UN fact finding team gives the appearance that a cover-up of atrocities has taken place.

Through the years Americans politicians have given the Israeli government $100,000,000,000 to help build the most powerful, rogue-nuclear military in the world. With millions of Americans using soup kitchens and with the many other social problems in America, a saner use of our taxes is sorely needed.

Guy Blais



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