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According to a recent article published by the hand of The Economist, world’s leading economic weekly magazine, Sicily was defined “The Third World’s of Europe”, this burned a heavily flamed polemics.
This Economist’s definition comes in very high contrast with accepted opinions shared by as many authoritatives sources like Financial Times and Wired that had claimed at the island a very consinstent role as an International New Economy Player, statement, this, endorsed and confirmed by KPMG research that assumpted that in the third millennium any hi-tech
entrepreneur wanting to invest in Europe must invest in Catania.
The article has obviously roused Region President Cuffaro and Sicilian Government’s indignation, also very famous italian TV Speaker Pippo Baudo, according with the protests of many other renowned sicilians, has not esitate in pointing his finger on this act charging the Economist of racism.
Aiming to produce relevant and not misunderstanding data and informations in this polemic times, Global Communication, sicilian Internet incubator and accelerator, that is highly involved in promoting the Etna Valley project has recently launched an international promotional campaign about Hi-Tech investments in Sicily.
In order to supply very high profile informations relating to Sicily’s hi-tech departments to both press willing to have a clear panorama about the real situation and international enterprises interessed in investing somewhere in Europe, Global Communication has made available a complete Dossier containing basic infos about environments, structures and opportunities completed with a directory of pregnant contacts, a who’s who and tributes to Etna Valley by international press ranging from Italy to New Zealand articles on the phenomenon.
This Dossier, also available in Adobe’s multiplatform PDF Format, could be requested by e-mail simply connecting at Global Communication’s site
Further confirmations that Sicily is living a very positive trend in this period comes from the declaration of Carmelo Cutuli, Global Communication’s founder and italian internet pioneer, that in the next year almost 5 very big international I.T. role player are reaching the Etna Valley to install outsourcing productive sites and at the same time some european carriers are cabling Mediterraneo this demonstrates that Sicily is going to become a strategic interess area not only for lowcost outsourcing production but is also validating as a more precious connection through Mediterraneo and African Territories.



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