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Northwestern University Zionist Rally Tomorrow!

Plagiarized without remorse from Free Republic.
To all Chicago Area Freepers. This is an announcement. On Tuesday (tomorrow) 7 May 2002 there is a Rally at Northwestern University (Under the Arch, corner of Sheridan and Chicago) to support the State of Israel. This Rally has been organized by Students For Israel, Hillel Cultural Life (I think), College Republicans and most shockingly of all College Democrats. Anyway, the recent Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations organized by NOWAR, Progressive Society, and other liberal groups have gotten a pretty good attendance protesting Israel's right to exist. Anyway, at 4pm (1600) under the Arch on Tuesday 7 May 2002 there will be a rally for Israel and against Terrorism. If any Freepers are in the area and would like to attend, I am sure your presence would be appreciated as a sign of support. God Bless



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