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Bush Daddy: The Bane of Houston?

My Daddy said that wherever that Crazy Asinine Lowdown Fool, Bush Daddy goes, he curses the very ground that he walks on. To "Everyman": Just in case BD heads your way. Note; Chicago is definitely a BD stronghold as far as I can see.
So Bush Daddy has appparently been in Houston, putting on airs about his foreign policy expertise. What role do the Arabs play in the fabricated conflicts in the Middle East? I suppose that you cater to the authoritive conviction of his damaged brain too.

If you can comprehend what I wrote about Bush Daddy's use of infrared and such in Bush Daddy Buffoonery (Id=176670); I want you to know that he is using the time difference between here and Houston to keep me up most of the night. Although these infrared waves may be converted to radio waves in Houston and reconverted to infrared in New York, I'm sure that you can probably confirm what I have written about them. The point that I wish to make is that Bush Daddy's presence in Houston makes Houston one of his "strongholds" (Amos 6:8).

If you read Amos 6:8 in the New International Version, you find that the sovereign Lord has sworn to himself that the Lord God Almighty says that he hates these strongholds and will deliver up the city and everything in it. This means that all the Bear Lord has to do is swear to himself that this is going to happen, and it will probably happen. The same holds true for DC, Kennebunkport, and any other place that gives shelter to this person who is cursed by God. So if anything bad happens down there, be sure to blame Bush Daddy and send him on his way.

Maybe if you let Bush Daddy's chemicalmongering poopheads know what might be in store for Houston, they will chase him out themselves. The same is probably true for Georgie's "boy", Nicky (62371). Nuff said?

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger



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