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May 4, 1970: Kent State Massacre

32 years ago 4 Kent State Students were shot down dead by the Ohio National Guard, and eight were wounded.
The Kent State Masascre

In loving memory of: Allsion Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Schever, and William Schroeder. As we meditated at the monument at Kent State University with the names of these 4 students etched nto the stone, murdered by the Ohio National Guard on April 4, 1970, needless to say, it intrinsically touched us, and we suddenly found ourselves hugging and weeping, having come from the A20th anti-war event in DC in conjuction with the demonstrations against the IMF and World Bank.
Upon arriving at the parking lot where there are 4 special places designated to the exact spots where the students were mowed down, a young student with a Dylan t-shirt on, went by and pointed out that a large art structure up the hill had a bullet hole through it.
Respectfully remembered: Alan Confora, John Cleary, Thomas Grace,Dean Kahler,Joseph Lewis,Donald Mackenzie, James Russel, Robert Stamps, and Douglass Wrentmore were the names of the others whose bodies were pierced by bullets that spring day in 1970.
The lights went on as we were leaving the parking lot with dusk fast approaching.
With the maddening war fever / hysteria opiating the masses,
with no end in sight on the "who's next" list,
may the memory of these students give us strength to grow the anti-war movement to the proportion necessary to stop the war. The whole world is waiting for us. We have the resources to do it. There is plenty to go around in the world, if things were divided up a little more equally. There is no excuse for certain individuals to have a $ billon, while some child is dying of hungar.
Two of the major conflicts in the World are countries that we give the most aid to.
We are the number one arms dealer in the world, while we blame others for the drug problems we have in our society.
If not us who?
If not now when?
If not here where?



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