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What the Chicago Anarchists Wanted (and still fight for)

The Chicago anarchists who organized the fateful rally against police brutality in Haymarket Square on May 4 1886 belonged to the International Working People's Association, the so-called Black International. This was their program, adopted in 1881.
"First -- Destruction of the existing class rule, by all means, i.e. by energetic, relentless, revolutionary and international action. "Second -- Establishment of a free society based upon co-operative organisation of production. "Third -- Free exchange of equivalent products by and between the productive organisations without commerce and profit-mongery. "Fourth -- Organisation of education on a secular, scientific and equal basis for both sexes. "Fifth -- Equal rights for all without distinction to sex or race. "Sixth -- Regulation of all public affairs by free contracts between autonomous (independent) communes and associations, resting on a federalistic basis."



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