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Should the US Invade Israel?

The option is certainly worth considering. But perhaps there are better alternatives. Vote in this "scientific" poll:
How should the USA respond to the Mid-East crisis?

o Send more weapons to Israeli terrorists.
o Invade Israel and restore Palestine.
o Sit around and enjoy a bio-nuclear holocaust.
o Arrest Paul Wolfowitz & Associates.
o Continue being terrorized by the Mossad.
o Arrest all Mossad agents & assets.
o Withdraw all troops from other nations.
o Become energy independent.
o Nationalize the Zio-AshkeNAZI media.
o Remind American "Jews" that Jesus is Jewish.
o Boycott Federal Reserve Notes.
o Use silver dollars as our national currency.
o Expedite Time-Energy Accounting.
o Assassinate Ariel Sharon.
o Let Israel nuke London.
o Relocate Israelis to Alaska.
o Relocate Israelis to Texas.
o Relocate Israelis to the Actic Zone.
o Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out.
o Continue pretending the US is a neutral peace negotiator.
o Encourage France to invade Israel.
o Ask Switzerland to fix everything.
o Ask Hugo Chavez to fix everything.
o Bomb Washington DC.
o None of the above.

To vote, please visit the following web page:



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