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by APDEFENSE (at) Apr 26 2:55pm
NOTE: The Aaron Patterson Defense Committee has chapters in the USA, France, Australia and Ireland. Contact the email address to learn more about Aaron and this situation in General.  
It has been almost 30 years since the first complaint of torture by the Chicago Police and finally a judge has done the right thing.  
Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate at least 20 years of torture in the City of Chicago.  
After more than two decades and hard work by hundreds of everyday people and lawyers, Paul Biebel, Chief Judge of Cook County Criminal Courts has ruled to appoint a Special Prosecutor who will oversee an investigation into the 20+ years of torture committed by ex-Commander of Detectives Jon Burge and his minions. Some of these Police Officers are still on the Force. Specifics and the identity of the Prosecutor not yet available.  
Chicago Police detectives have tortured some sixty-six (66) African-American suspects. The conspiracy has it's roots in the Highest Officers of Cook County Today.  
Cook County States Attorney Richard A. Devine was recognized by the Judge as having a clear conflict of interest, as he defended the torturous cop while in private practice with his law firm Phelan, Pope and John, which made nearly $850,000 off the backs of taxpayers in said defense. Devine faught the appointment, but finally, will face serious scrutiny. The crimes by Police are technically Class X Felony offenses. Neither is Mayor Daley exempt from scrutiny in this investigation, as he was the States Attorney at the point when the complaints of torture first came to light. Daley dismissed the charges, exonerated Jon Burge and recommended Burge for promotion.  
Recently, in a Commission Report to Governor Ryan on the Death Penalty, the cases of torture leading to convictions, resulting in the Death Penalty were mentioned. That report more than suggests those cases be closely investigated. There are at least ten of the tortured men on Death Row, including Aaron Patterson, who is currently awaiting a hearing regarding his torture, and whether he should receive a new trial based on the evidence of torture during his interrogation.  
Elected officials met with Devine over two years ago to discuss realities of torture. He maintained his tight lipped stance on the issue. State Reps, Connie Howard and William Delgado encouraged Devine to take this issue seriously but the States Attorney continued the cover-up. Later, the Reverend Jesse Jackson also met with Devine to discuss the issue, to no immediate avail.  
Lawrence E. Kennon, Mary D. Powers and Mary L. Johnson of Citizens Alert, are the Citizens who represented the petition to the Court. The Petitioners' Lawyers are Locke Bowman and Randolph Stone, of the MacArthur Justice Center and Mandel Legal Clinic.  
This development will no doubt shed new light on the issue and raise it's importance in the priorities of mass media, however, this should not be assumed and Citizen involvement and activity is strongly encouraged as this remains a Prisoners movement, a popular Citizens movement that cuts across ideological and cultural barriers  
apdefense (at)  

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