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Israelis Refuse to Cooperate With U.N. Team

April 30, 2002
Filed at 4:58 a.m. ET

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel decided on
Tuesday to go on blocking the arrival of a
U.N. team to probe the army's assault on
Jenin refugee camp, saying Israeli terms for
the mission had still not been met, Israel
Radio reported.

Israel originally agreed to the fact-finding
mission to the camp, the scene of the fiercest
fighting during a crushing Israeli offensive in
the West Bank, but it later withdrew its
approval, citing objections to the team's
mandate and composition.

After delaying the start of the mission several
times over the past week, Israel's cabinet
met to decide the issue again on Tuesday.

``Israel raised before the United Nations the
crucial issues to carry out a fair review of Jenin, but as long as these terms
have not been fulfilled there is no possibility of commencing the review,''
Israel Radio quoted the cabinet as saying in a statement. It did not cite which
terms were unmet.

Palestinians have accused Israeli forces of carrying out a massacre in the
devastated Jenin camp. Israel has denied this, saying its troops did the
utmost to avoid civilian casualties while battling militants who booby-trapped
buildings and alleyways.



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