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What would you do?

Imagine, if you would, that you are at a well planned, unpermitted rally and march through the streets of Chicago. The crowd of roughly 150-200 people includes women, men, boys, girls, Latinos, African Americans, Caucasions, and all sorts of beautiful American mutts:). The people are energized and marching to the rhythms of hand made, straight-from-the-curb drums and other musical-ish instruments. You are there to show your solidarity with those people who have chosen to speak out, stand up, and drown capitalism in a cacaphony of sounds. You know that your brothers and sisters with the righteous banners, the 10 year old flying the red and black flag, and those with the megaphones have your back.

People are glued to their windows and Hundreds, if not thousands, have come outside to see what is happening in their streets. A march of this size and intensity has never taken place in their neighborhood.

You come to an intersection with 10 cops telling you that you must retire to a nearby park. This had been the original plan, however, few, if any, are ready to give up the streets. The cops are quite disorganized and greatly outnumbered. What should you do? What would you do?



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