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Judith LeBlanc, correspondent of the People's Weekly World, will be in Chicago to give an eyewitness account of conditions in the Occupied territories of Palestine, Friday May 3
Judith LeBlanc, a correspondent for the People's Weekly World/Muestro Mundo newspaper and vice chair of the Communist Party, USA, is jut returning from a two-week tour of the West Bank, Gaza and Israel.
LeBlanc will speak on her observation at an event at the Hothouse, 31 East Balbo, Chicago (Balbo and Wacker), on Friday, May 3 at 7 pm. Admission $5.
Leblanc will be joined by Hakim Husien of the Palestine Aid Society and others who are working to bring peace and justice to the Middle East. LeBlanc was part of a 16 person delegation sponsored by the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), one of many from around the world that have toured thbe occupied territories as part of the international solidarity movement.
LeBlanc is the producer of the award winning video show "Changing America" and a part of producing two anti-globalization videos: "Showdown in Seattle" and "Breaking the Bank". The event is sponsored by the People's Weekly World Newspaper.
For more information contact John Bachtell, Illinois District Organizer, CPUSA, 3118 S. Halsted Street, Chicago Il. 60608; phone (312) 843-5770, fax (312) 942 1654, or write to



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