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From the book "The Prime Movers" by Edwin A. Locke 2000.
Quotes from the book "The Prime Movers" by Edwin A. Locke 2000:

"Earning money (as contrasted to taking or stealing money or getting it through government favors or handouts) is a spiritual is earned through virtue - the cardinal virtue being the relentless use of one's rational faculty."

"No one can make money in the long run (in the absence of a government subsidy or monopoly) without being essentially honest."

"If the producer does not deliver what the customer wants at the agreed-upon price, the producer will not get any more business."

"Without economic freedom there can be no political freedom. If the state owns or totally regulates the means of production, then every wage earner is its slave. Those who speak out against the regime or opt for a competing political party are easily bankrupted or forced into starvation."



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