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May Day Mobilization: Carnival Against Capitalism

Carnival Against Capitalism: Because Another MidWest is Possible!!
International Workers Day (May Day) 2002 soon
approaches. Throughout the world May Day is a
celebration of the historic and continued struggles
of working people. Below listed are upcoming
activities planned to celebrate May Day in Chicago:

Saturday, April 27th 2002, 9:30am: Conference
From Local to Global: The Midwest on Fire
University of Illinois at Chicago, 750 S. Halsted

Panel discussions and workshops on local and
international social justice campaigns confronting
issues surrounding housing, education, immigration,
labor, Palestinian struggle, militarization, police
brutality, patriarchy, environmental justice, alternative media
and anti-war struggles.

*The conference is free to the public. Spanish
translation provided

*Contact Maribel or Sebastian of Mexico Solidarity
Network at (773) 583-7728 for more information.

Sunday, April 28th 2002, 10am:
Carnival Against Capitalism: Convergence and March -
Douglas Park (Sacramento and Ogden)

The convergence will take place in Douglas Park,
followed by a march ending at Harrison Park in

Cultural performances, music, visual
representations of current campaigns and various
activities that are actively and creatively
confronting poverty, racism, sexism and other forms
of injustice in our society.

Organizations are encouraged to bring visual
representations of your campaigns, (banners, signs,
puppets) and information to share with the

*Contact Tedd of Direct Action Network at
773-386-7933 for more information.

International Workers Day - Wednesday, May 1st 2002,
9-10:30am: Justice for Day Labor Workers: Challenge
the Chicago City Council’s Day Labor Ordinance at
the City Council Meeting

Latino Union of Chicago call upon us to challenge
loopholes in the city council’s Day Labor Ordinance,
which allows temporary labor contractors to extract
various ‘fees’ from temporary worker’s paychecks.

*Contact Jose Landaverde of the Latino Union of
Chicago at 773-523-7350 for more information

Please support these important activities planned
around May Day 2002 and pass this information on to
your constituents and contacts.



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