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anarchist celebration of May Day

Print out and distribute your own May Day
poster and leaflet
May Day is nearly upon us again. Did you know
that the May Day started not in Red Square but
in Chicago with the execution of anarchist union
organisers in 1887?

You can read about the history of this event and
print out PDF files of an anarchist leaflet and
poster explaining the origins of May Day at

We invite you to make copies of these leaflets
and posters and distribute them at May Day
events (or simply on the streets or at work)
this year. Last year tens of thousands of copies
of these were distributed across the globe, from
Chicago to Brazil to South Africa to Turkey to
Latvia to New Zealand. See the end of the PDF
pages for details.

The history in brief
In 1887 four Chicago anarchists were executed. A
fifth cheated the hangman by killing himself in
prison. Three more were to spend 6 years in
prison until pardoned by Governor Altgeld who
said the trial that convicted them was
characterised by "hysteria, packed juries and a
biased judge". The state had, in the words of
the prosecution put "Anarchy .. on trial" and
hoped their deaths would also be the death of
the anarchist idea.

The anarchists were trade union organisers and
May Day became an international workers day to
remember their sacrifice. They were framed on
false charges of throwing a bomb at police
breaking up a demonstration in Chicago. This was
part of a strike demanding an 8 hour day
involving 400,000 workers in Chicago that
started May 1st 1886 .

The anarchist idea did not die in Chicago in
1887. Today it inspires a new wave of struggle
against global capitalism. Join in this
struggle. Tell others about May Day

Print out and distribute your own May Day
posters and leaflet/pamphlets from

3000 + pages on anarchism, Ireland, Zapatistas
revolutionary history and struggles around globalistaion



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