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Chicago Raises Voices Against Mayor Emanuel's Anti-Protester Ordinance

Mayor 1% With Chicago slated to host the 2012 NATO/G8 summit in May 2012, Chicago officials are engaging in sabre-rattling against grassroots activists, first with wanton arrests admitted as "just practice for G8/NATO", and now with a proposed draconian rewrite of local Chicago laws involving public protest.

While the rewrite did get attention in Chicago's corporate media, aspects of it went little reported — like redefining "resisting arrest" to include passive resistance (like going limp), increasing the ranges of fines for violations, requiring $1 million dollars of liability insurance per protest, registering with the city at least a week in advance, and even imposing stringent requirements against protests, picket lines, or public assemblies on Chicago sidewalks.

Activists have raised the call to oppose this rewrite, with a forthcoming city council vote slated for January 18th. Read more

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