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Chicago Peace Protesters Win Key Victory in Seventh Circuit Court

The people united…On March 20, 2003, Chicago police and Illinois troopers arrested nearly 900 activists and passersby amid the legendary 2003 Chicago peace protest on Lake Shore Drive. Attorneys on behalf of the protest filed suit against the city and the police to win a measure of justice for peace activists.

All charges against the arrestees were ultimately dismissed. But it took three years for the lawsuit to win class action status. Moreover, in a peculiar move, the City of Chicago countersued against the arrestees, though that suit was eventually dismissed.

The suit itself was dismissed in a summary judgment, yet on March 17, 2011, an appeal to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago ruled in favor of the protesters. That ruling affirmed the rights to protest and assemble, and concluded "the case is already more than seven years old and we urge its expeditious resolution." Read more | Ruling from Seventh Circuit

Additonal resources: People's Law Office | National Lawyers Guild - Chicago | The Emmy nominated film: "Where We Stood - Chicago's Resistance Against The War In Iraq", 2, 3


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