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CIMC reporters denied Canadian entry as government steps up massive repression at Toronto G20 protests

CORE Logo World leaders have gathered for the G8 and G20 meetings in Toronto amidst a massive security crackdown that will mark the most expensive three days in Canadian history. Large swaths of Toronto’s downtown core have the appearance of a police state, with an estimated deployment of over 19,000 security personnel—nearly five times the number at the G20 in Pittsburgh last year. The security price tag is around $1 billion, and some predict the total summit cost will surpass $2 billion. More from Democracy Now!

Independent journalists and activists [1 | 2 ] seeking to cross the border have been routinely denied entry, including two Chicago Indymedia journalists who were given the option to either turn back or spend 'weeks' in a Canadian prison.

On June 2nd, 2010, the Ontario provincial government cabinet met secretly to pass a regulation which allows the police to arrest anyone who refuses to identify themselves or agree to a police search within five metres of the G20 security zone in Toronto.

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