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Chicago Continues Actions After Gaza Flotilla Raids, With More Actions Planned

Free, free Palestine! On June 1, 2010, thousands gathered at the Israeli embassy to protest Israel's attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla — and vowed to step up resistance to Israel's brutal apartheid regime and its U.S. backers. See photos | Video for Chicago Indymedia | Video for Labor Beat

On June 5, Chicagoans staged an emergency vigil this evening outside the Israeli consulate to demand safe and free passage of the MV Rachel Corrie in its effort to break the Israeli blockade. The ship was boarded by Israeli troops and rerouted to the Port of Ashdod. See photos

More Chicago actions related to the Middle East are in the works. Chicagoans Against Apartheid in Palestine are organizing a Midwest Regional Action, to focus in particular on the use of Illinois-made Caterpillar brand bulldozers for destroying civilian homes in the occupied territories.

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