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Chicago Tea Party Draws Rightwingers and Grassroots Counterprotest

Anti-Tea BaggingOn April 15, some 1500 right-wing activists gathered in Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago as one of a series of "grassroots" Tea Party events to rally about the panoply of right-wing bugaboos, including health care, immigration policy, "big government", the "socialist" government of President Obama, and lower taxes.

The tea party rally was met by a counter-demonstration organized by grassroots Chicago activists, who responded in kind to the charges of the right-wingers, and raised charges of their own. Among them: xenophobia and bigotry of Tea Party members (many of whom are wealther than the general public). One example: The group South Side Anti-Racist Action identified one nazi organizer who appeared at the rally; nazis and other race-hate groups have been eyeing the Tea Party as a potential recruiting ground for new members.

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