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On Cusp of March 18th Peace Protest, Activists Challenge Chicago Mayor Daley to Back Words with Policies

Talk is cheap, punk. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley surprised many in the Chicago peace community with remarks he made in a February speech, lamenting the misallocation of American funds towards war and the presumed paucity of antiwar activism.

Activists quickly decried Mayor Daley for hypocrisy in his remarks, given that since 2003 he has acted repeatedly to suppress, intimidate, arrest, and otherwise block grassroots Chicago peace activists and antiwar protest. Peace activists repeatedly challenged Daley to support his words with actions — including calling for the end of abusive practices by Chicago police and ending the militarization of Chicago peace protests and Chicago public schools.

Whether or not Daley follows up on these challenges, it appears that the 7th Annual rally and march for peace in Federal Plaza and Michigan Avenue on March 18th promises to be the most vigorous major Chicago antiwar protest in years.

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