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Hundreds Protest Commemoration of Chicago Police Violence

Police! Brutality!On Friday, June 26, the Chicago lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police held a reunion party to commemorate police veterans from the 1968 Democratic National Convention — the police who beat and harrassed Convention protesters, who attacked Puerto Rican activists in a 1966 uprising, and who assassinated two Black Panther organizers in an overnight raid.

In the wake of these shameful actions, and ongoing present-day police brutality and malfeasance by Chicago police, community activists and members of Chicago Copwatch assembled to rally at Chicago's Union Park. They then marched three blocks away to the Fraternal Order of Police lodge where the reunion was held.

The marchers were hemmed in just down the street from the lodge, but that didn't stop activists from starting a second rally, complete with protest picket and with speeches. Right after one speech ended, the rally got a major shot in the arm. Chicago Critical Mass, the once-a-month roving bicycle-theatrical-protest, included the Chicago Copwatch protest in their route, which meant that for nearly 20 minutes, thousands of bicyclists eluded the police blockade and joined in witness to the protest. Watch Video

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