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Chicago Police Plumb New Depths in Malfeasance

Who Watches the Watchers?The Chicago Police Department have had a long sordid history of malfeasance and subsequent legal ramifications. Recent developments posted to Chicago Indymedia have revealed new lows even for Chicago's infamous police.

Exhibit A — Federal Jury Awards Victim Largest-Ever Amount in Chicago Cop Frame-up: A Federal jury awarded the largest-ever compensation for a wrongful conviction in Chicago history — $21 million in compensatory damages — against a Chicago detective who framed a Humboldt Park resident. That resident, Juan Johnson, was sentenced to 30 years in prison over a murder for whose evidence a Chicago police detective wholly fabricated. Read more

Exhibit B — CPD Hit With $625,000 Fine for Violent Police Assault During Traffic Stop: "A federal jury yesterday awarded 41-year-old Curtis Mason $625,000 in compensatory damages for a brutal beating he received at the hands of at least five Chicago police officers during a January 13, 2007 traffic stop on Chicago's south side. " The Police Department declined to discipline the accused officers over the assault and the Cook County States Attorney's Office did not prosecute them criminally. Read more

Exhibit C — Officer in Publicized Bartender Beating Case Receives Only Probation: In a case of Chicago police malfeasance which has received considerable Chicago corporate media coverage, the Chicago police officer who was caught on camera in a public beating was released on probation by a Cook County judge. Read more

It so happens that the Chicago lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police will hold a 1968 Riot Cop Reunion (the police involved in the 1968 DNC crackdown and in political assassinations), but Chicago Copwatch is organizing a protest and march.


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