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Chicago Opposition to 2016 Olympics Bid Ramps Up

Not what Pierre de Coubertin had in mindChicago is one of four finalist cities for the 2016 Summer Olympics, though Chicago's bid for the thirty-first Summer Olympiad has drawn controversy among Chicagoans. The Chicago 2016 committee has hired the controversial PR firm Hill & Knowlton, and surveys of Chicagoans show a degree of skepticism over the bid. Despite promises to keep Chicago tax funds out of any payment for the Olympics, the city and mayor have evidently broken that promise.

If history is any guide, should Chicago win the bid, Chicagoans have huge cost overruns, economic disaster, and a trail of human rights and civil rights abuses to look forward to in the wake of Olympics. Some Chicago community groups have objected to the Olympics, while others sought community benefits agreements with the city, and even protested within City Hall.

The stakes will be raised in on April 2 when the International Olympic Committee visits Chicago for a week-long visit. No Games Chicago, a coalition of Chicago communities, is organizing opposition against the Olympic bid, including a rally and bike ride.

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