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Activists Score Big Win Over Right to March in Chicago

Hasta la victoria siempre!From the newswire: "Peace and immigration rights activists won big late Monday in circuit court when they defeated a City of Chicago emergency motion to put on hold a permit victory that the Chicago Anti-war and Immigrant Rights Coalition (CAIRC) had won in a lower court." [Read Dispatch]

City attorneys claimed that the presiding judge misinterpreted the city ordinance, but the tactic backfired. "[T]he whole [hearing] devolved into semantic hairsplitting reminiscent of the immortal Bill Clinton line about how something "depends on what the meaning of 'is' is. But Associate Judge Joseph M. Sconza wasn't having any of it. " [Read analysis]

But the city is likely to continue its cold-shoulder treatment of activists. As one of the attorneys for the activists stated at a press conference: "The reason we prevailed…was because the city violated a technicality of the permit ordinance. There was no political will to issue a permit, and there still is no political will to issue a permit. So this will continue to go on…" [Watch video of press conference]


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