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Thousands March in Chicago for LGBT Rights

Thousands March for LGBT Rights!Thousands of protesters from Chicago's LGBT community and allies poured into the streets last Saturday in a wide ranging, 4 1/2 mile march against California's Proposition 8 and other anti-gay ballot measures adopted in early November.

Gathering just after noon at Federal Plaza, the protest grew from a few hundred to more than 4,000, surging into the streets to march past City Hall, the Thompson Center and up Michigan Ave. Police on bicycles and horseback tried to block the march from the Mag Mile — but failed. The crowd, a mix of young and old, gay and straight, black, Latino, Asian and white, was peaceful — police said no arrests were made throughout the nearly four hour event.

Saturday's protest was organized in just 7 days and largely online as part of a national day of action for marriage equality initiated by Join the Impact in over 200 cities across the country. Local organizers have vowed to continue grassroots efforts to make Illinois the next marriage equality state and keep the heat on local pro-Prop 8 donors and anti-gay bigots.

Next steps include an informational picket on Saturday, Nov. 22 at 5 PM outside the Century Theater in Evanston. The owner of the Century is Cinemark Company, whose CEO, Alan Stock, gave nearly $10,000 to support Prop 8.

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